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As mobile devices become more sophisticated, with browsers that are equivalent to desktop browsers, it’s clear that mobile web applications are the future.

Tin Soldier has been working in the mobile application and website space since it first materialised. We’re masters at mapping and building the features that will make your mobile app or site relevant and invaluable to users. It doesn’t matter whether yours is an internal or external audience, usability and functionality are top priorities.

We understand what it takes to make a big impact within the limitations of a small screen. Whether your medium of choice is iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry, you can expect an effective outcome.

Did you know?

  • The smartphone you’re using now has significantly more processing power than the computer on board the first Columbia space shuttle.
  • In the next five years the number of global web surfers will quadruple. One billion of the new users will be using cheap pocket and wrist devices running multimedia content.

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E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

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Ongoing Website Maintenance

Ongoing Website Maintenance

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