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An effective communications strategy needs to consider all mediums that are relevant to the target audience.

Things to think about.

If you’re pitching to under 35s, digital and online media will play a major role in your strategy; however you can’t ignore the potential of mainstream media such as magazines, radio and television.

For an older audience, online media depending on their psychographics is a consideration, however traditional electronic and print media maybe an important part of the solution.

Tin Soldier has a foot in both camps, so we’re perfectly positioned to develop an offline communications plan that complements your online activity.

When you work with one provider for all communications requirements, your brand will enjoy the benefits of unified messaging and consistent look and feel.

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Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers, but is it everything you want it to be? Tin Soldier can help you to analyse your current brand, then identify and implement improvements.

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With Paul Grondin we have an advertising brain that can be applied when and where needed. Paul’s extensive agency experience is one of Tin Soldier’s secret weapons.

Design >

Our in-house design team can ensure that your advertising material and marketing collateral is compatible with your website – an important consideration in today’s communication world.

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Social Media

Social Media

It's come of age and is a real time marketing phenomenon!

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Put away the stamps and bring out the databases!

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