Our Story

Established in 1997, Tin Soldier delivers a rare combination of great ideas and superior technical ability. We’ve always endeavoured to stay several steps ahead of clients’ requirements, so that we can proactively lead them into the future.

What makes us different?

Guided by Craig Rundle and Emma Jones, the Tin Soldier team delivers effective online solutions through our team’s frontline knowledge and experience in digital media, which is supported by our historical experience in the advertising and marketing sector. Our clients find that our total impact exceeds the face value of our resources; in other words, we deliver great value for money.

How is our business evolving?

A few years ago, our major focus was creation of ‘traditional’ ad campaigns; today the online world has become the dominant canvas for our talents. The team now includes analysts, designers, developers and project managers.

With our solid foundation in modern CMS systems and opensource eCommerce platforms, we look after clients both nationally and around the world.

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Tin Soldier Ltd.
PO Box 10272,
Dominion Rd,
Auckland 1446
New Zealand

Suite 2a,
109 Dominion Rd,
Mt Eden,
Auckland 1024
New Zealand

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P +64 9 638 4250
F +64 9 638 4253
E info@tinsoldier.co.nz

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