Website Design & Development

Building on the foundation of your web and digital strategy, the website design phase encompasses the architecture, appearance, content and functionality of your website.

Essential elements of the design phase:

  • site planning to ensure your visitors have an easy path to travel
  • creating a visual personality to fit your brand assets and values
  • planning functionality that gives your business strategy wings
  • ensuring content is browsable and scannable
  • developing language tone that supports the conversations you want to have with your audience

The next stage of website implementation is gathering, shaping and incorporating the written and visual content. This can be an immense challenge with some sites, but we’ve developed processes and systems that make it faster. With us driving your project, your website won’t get trapped in the no man’s land of information delay.

The final stage, development, is pleasantly straightforward at Tin Soldier. There are no technical issues beyond the skills and knowledge of our team and we don’t rely on outside help. All the resources we need can be found within our four walls.

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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

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Apps for Mobile Devices

Apps for Mobile Devices

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