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WordPress is one of the most commonly known CMS types (in fact it’s used by nearly a third of all websites at the moment). WordPress sites range from a basic structure (blogs and content pages) right up to complex, full-enterprise portals.


Concrete5 is an open source CMS which is simple, easy and intuitive to use. A host of add-on features can be installed to customise the CMS to your needs, providing complex and rich functionality. Plus, there’s automatic software upgrades to make things simple.


Ready for some impressive acronyms? Kentico is a fully integrated ASP.NET CMS and eCommerce platform. It will deliver enhanced web experiences which are fully optimised (and full of features). It’s also completely customisable to your exact needs.


Joomla has a scalable MVC architecture which has been finessed by its worldwide contributor community. Joomla is used to develop, manage and publish content for everything you could imagine on the web – websites, content, blogs, apps and intranets.


Silverstripe is super flexible (and super simple) to work with and will deliver a stunning-looking, feature-rich online experience. It’s ideal for creating websites, intranets or web apps – plus the eCommerce and social plugins provide the perfect user experience.

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