Shopify is a cost-effective SAAS enterprise platform that is flexible and fast to launch. Take control of your ecommerce strategy, and with the backing of hundreds of themes, apps and integrations, deliver real sales growth.

Sell everywhere

Your customers don’t see the line between online and offline. Neither should your platform. Create cutting-edge shopping experiences with built-in augmented reality, 3D, and product videos.

Manage complexity

Easily create the custom capabilities and automated workflows your business needs to run smoothly—so you and your team can focus on your brand, not your tech stack.

Integrate systems

Connect the systems and tools your business relies on through flexible Shopify APIs and Shopify Plus Partners. Or use a headless architecture to create completely custom storefronts on any smart screen.

We know ecommerce and having that expert guidance can make all the difference when it comes to maximising the potential your website. We’ll take you through the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus and help you plan and set up your store, as well as optimise it for conversions and get your products in front of the right audience.

The features

The key features of the ’Shopify Plus’ platform include:

  • Scalable SaaS-based eCommerce platform with a low cost of ownership that is ideal for relatively straightforward online retailers
  • Very strong technology partner eco-system and lots of existing integrations with complimentary systems – helps to reduce time-to-market for new features, in comparison to most platforms
  • Proven in the enterprise bracket for non-complex B2C retailers – lots of big brand retailers already using the platform
  • Very well documented
  • ‘Script Editor’ allows you to create personalized experiences at the shopping cart/checkout stage (Normally ‘Shopify’ doesn’t allow you to customise the checkout page)
  • Shopify’s APIs facilitate integrations with third-party apps
  • ‘Shopify Flow’, which allows for automation of tasks and the creation of workflows


‘Shopify Plus’ provides autonomy and freedom to brands through unlimited bandwidth, reliable servers, and full payment compliance.

The benefits of the Shopify platform include:

  • Handles high traffic volume and orders
  • ‘Shopify Pay’ allows customers to save billing & shipping information, allowing for a quicker checkout when they revisit
  • Supports over 100 payment providers
  • Accelerated and customisable checkout
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Custom automation with apps like Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and Scripts
  • Unlimited extensibility, integrations, and customisation through Shopify apps and partners
  • ‘Shopify Plus’ Bot Protection – stop bots from creating fake carts/orders
  • PCI compliant


Shopify is a headless capable platform that allows retailers to bring ideas to life via any device allowing total creative control. Transform the customer experience via digital screen or device into a unique sales channel—backed by the speed, power, and scalability.

The benefits of headless include:

  • Innovation: Turn virtually any screen into a digital storefront, from web pages and mobile apps to smart mirrors and wearables.
  • Flexibility: Gain control over your visual expression and buyer experience without the restrictions of generic templates.
  • Omnichannel selling: Start selling on all the digital mediums your customers use, while managing everything from a single back end.
  • Developer freedom: Let your team build storefronts with the tools they already know, and accelerate development with built-in Shopify tools.

B2B Commerce

Now it’s possible to run both sides of your business from one store. Choose between a single online store for your direct and wholesale business, or a dedicated B2B store. B2B on Shopify integrates the most essential wholesale features into the core of Shopify—without the need for apps or coding. Plug into the full power of Shopify’s customized buying experience with store themes, net payment terms, discounts, and a streamlined checkout experience.

Company profiles

Represent multiple buyers and locations, each personalized with unique payment terms and user permissions.

Price lists

Set buyer-specific prices and assign them right to the company profile without the use of tags or apps.

Net payment terms

Automatically assign payment terms while tracking and collecting on orders as they become due in the admin.

Custom store theme

Represent multiple buyers and locations, each personalized with unique payment terms and user permissions.

Customer accounts

Customize and automate the checkout experience with net payment terms, payment methods, and wholesale discounts.

Self serve portal

Business customers can manage their account, select the company location they’re buying for, and view and filter order history.

Seamless ERP integration

Integrate your tools without the hassle:

  • Integrate your ERP through advanced APIs and partner integrations so all your business data flows easily to your admin
  • Manage your B2B customers, products, price lists, and inventory without manual entry
  • Run your entire ecommerce business from one place with efficiency and ease

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