Looking For Redbox

Just to let you know – earlier this year we made the decision to consolidate the Redbox Digital brand in
New Zealand into Tin Soldier and will now operate as one business.

What does this mean for you?

Absolutely nothing, it’s business as usual. We’ll continue to operate in the same way as we always have, providing the same great solutions, with the same fantastic team.

Originally, Redbox Digital NZ was a joint venture between Tin Soldier and Redbox Digital in the UK to grow and build a global Magento agency working across New Zealand and Australia. In March 2020, Redbox UK joined the SQLi group and was rebranded to SQLi Digital Experience.

SQLi Partnership

SQLi Digital Experience is an entity that brought together several complementary digital agencies with the SQLi group. As Tin Soldier, we still maintain a partnership with SQLi in the UK and a strong partnership with Adobe/Magento.

Tin Soldier will now provide a broader ecommerce offering and is platform agnostic. This means that our recommendations and solutions are determined by your specific requirements.