Data & analytics

Analytics data and insights from funnel analysis and landing page results is often overlooked. Our team of experts will understand your goals then after an analysis of the various data points provide a list of evidence based recommendations and improvements that will drive results.

Analytics & insights

Our data analysts will dive into your analytics and see what’s happening across your website and marketing channels. We work with clients to ensure their analytics environment is set up correctly and gathering accurate data to gain insight for further decisions and growth. Including robust metric systems in your setup allows you to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, create personalised journeys and continually refine the user experience to deliver sales.

Optimising your website

SEO is a proactive, structured approach to improve your position search engine rankings. We assess your site’s visibility and then develop a strategy to reach customers by using the right search terms. An audit will also identify any technical issues stopping your website from being found.

We work with clients to increase search engine rankings and boost traffic through:

  • Audits & technical analysis
  • Site performance & speed analysis
  • Keyword research and ranking analysis
  • Content optimisation
  • Analytics review

Our capabilities include:

Analytics audit

A health check to ensure data has been collected accurately and is reporting on the metrics that matter.

Strategy & setup

Advanced analytics configurations and setting up custom reporting.

Google Tag Manager

Ensuring that Google Tag Manager is integrated across the full digital footprint.

Analysis & reporting

Analysing data to uncover insights and provide actionable recommendations and performance reporting.

PGG Wrightson Online Store

At the outset of the project, a detailed review of analytics data, extensive user workshops and journeys were undertaken. These gave valuable insights to inform the initial build and ensured success from day one.