Apps to make your business stand out

A big impact on
a small screen

We understand what it takes to make a big impact within the limitations of a small screen. We’re experts at mapping and building the features that will make your app relevant and valuable to users. Usability and functionality are top priorities. We will:

  • Design and build an app that reflects your brand
  • Ensure a streamlined yet engaging user experience
  • Work with multiple platforms, including IOS & Android

Benefit from having
a Mobile App

Reap the benefits of creating a mobile app for your customers.

  • Provides an additional marketing channel that helps to build brand recognition
  • Plays an important role in facilitating loyalty programs, and keeping the brand front-of-mind
  • Increases the frequency and quality of customer engagement
  • Provide a better tailored experience, using native device features
  • Faster and visually richer

Your digital

At Tin Soldier, we have experience across all forms of Ecommerce for B2C retailers and B2B companies throughout New Zealand. We work closely with our clients to resolve business problems, bringing vast insights, skills and knowledge to deliver the outstanding results. We offer range of end-to-end services, ranging from strategy & ideation to UX design, third-party system integration, hosting and performance marketing, all designed to maximise traffic, user engagement and increase revenue.


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