Magento Page Builder: The solution to your content needs?

The solution to your content needs?

“Content, content, my Kingdom for more content!” If Shakespeare had been writing Richard III for the digital generation today, the famous king could quite possibly have been a weary digital marketing director, searching the ecommerce battlefield for more copy and content to launch their next campaigns.

Every year the importance of content increases for digital retailers. Once synonymous with new launches and news, content has evolved to become an integral cog and key driver in the intricate workings of the digital machine.

Video; product descriptions; galleries; blogs; diaries; social feeds; catalogues; personalisation; the list of functions with content at its core is endless. A constant stream of fresh content is needed for all areas of the business and for use on multiple channels.

Nothing highlights just how essential content is right now as a recent report by LinkedIn. The special edition of LinkedIn Emerging Jobs called Jobs on the Rise, highlighted the roles experiencing the largest growth in the UK last year between April and October.

While unsurprisingly ecommerce roles came in at No.1, digital content freelancers came in at No.3, growing 118 per cent in 2020, with content co-ordinators, Youtubers and bloggers all in huge demand as companies upped their digital games. Creative freelancers, which again included digital writers, landed in at No.5.

The battle to attract and keep loyal customers returning is crucial to the ecommerce industry. With more brands realising the need for better content and larger volumes, being able to manage this content and create engaging web pages quickly and easily to react to customers’ personalised needs and ever-changing outside influences, has never been greater.

That’s where Page Builder comes in to its own, giving retailers the opportunity to make the most of their content on their Magento Commerce platform. The option for creativity, flexibility and faster delivery could be the missing link you have been looking for.

Here, Redbox Digital explores why Magento Page Builder could be the solution to your content needs.

What is Magento Page Builder?

In a nutshell, Page Builder is a Magento Commerce extension that allows brands to quickly create engaging online content and get it live without the need of a front-end developer.

Using an intuitive drag and drop interface, merchants can be more reactive, with non-technical users able to create pages, enrich content and product categories and launch updates with ease.

Why does our digital brand need it?

Even before the last year of pandemic uncertainty, digital retailers were moving towards much more personalised, multi-channel marketing.

With brands now needing to be agile – and able to pivot strategies quickly – speed and flexibility are more important now than ever.

Often, retailers go through numerous chains of commands to get pages created and live. If marketing teams want to quickly change a promotion to keep up with a competitor, the process can be laborious with front-end developers involved in the design and implementation. It can be time-consuming to experiment with content ideas with the same developers needed to bring the ideas to life. Marketing teams can often go backwards and forwards with development teams to get their ideas across, taking them away from more technical projects.

Magento Page Builder gives brands more freedom to create content and pages quickly, saving them time, money and frustration without compromising on quality.

Non-technical teams can set up dynamic blocks of content, duplicate them and make edits to create beautiful pages, serving it to different devices if need be.

Kevin Ludford, Redbox’s Commercial Director said: “It’s not a one-size fits all, but some merchants can get a much better onsite experience with Magento Page Builder and are able to do so much more with their content. After our detailed demonstrations to get a brand’s teams up to speed, the feedback we’ve had back is that they are surprised just how quickly they can get pages live with little technical knowledge.

“Marketing teams can create their own pages without coding and it helps them have more control over their ideas and promotions.

“Brands with several different sites under one umbrella can have better consistency across them and components can be developed that allow anyone with permission to drag content from one site to another seamlessly.

“For some digital businesses this will be an excellent addition to their platform and will help streamline their processes, while leading to improvements in dwell time, exit rate reductions and organic traffic pick up in the long term, as well as increase in sales.”

What else can I do with Magento Page Builder?

A quick check list of what brands can do or expect with Magento Page Builder:

  • Create and launch pages and content updates without a front-end web developer.
  • Use intuitive drag and drop interface and instant preview capabilities when creating pages.
  • Pre-designed templates allow you to build CMS pages, product descriptions and more through easy actions.
  • Schedule content to go live at a later date with Magento staging and preview function.
  • Position elements in a customisable way through a flexible grid system.
  • Experiment with content messaging positions and engaging visual effects.
  • Integrates with Magento functionality such as media gallery, widgets, banners and blocks, allowing you to reuse content in multiple ways.

How can Redbox help?

Redbox can provide demonstrations of the extension’s capabilities, before building and customising templates in Magento Page Builder to your specification and brand voice – and integrating them into your Magento Commerce platform.

Experienced development specialists can give training sessions ensuring marketing or ecommerce departments are fully up to speed and able to manage it on their own, going forward.

Kevin added: “One recent client said it really helped them having a front-end developer showing them the ‘nitty gritty’ details of Magento Page Builder, rather than an account manager level discussion. They built pages together and it gave them the confidence to get pages up without any assistance after a few training sessions.

“Many brands are enjoying the benefits and flexibility it’s giving them. It has helped marketing teams and other teams have more control over their sites without developer resources needed and lets them experiment a lot more with their content – something that’s a major plus today.”

Wondering if Magento Page Builder is the right fit for you? Why not give us a call to discuss!