Planning your ecommerce strategy

Creating a successful web store

The Ecommerce sector is growing at a rapid pace. A recent report undertaken by NZ Post shows 1.8 million kiwis bought online in 2018, spending a total of $4.6 billion. Encouraging trends for local retailers also show spending with New Zealand stores grew at nearly double the rate of growth for international online stores. But what does this mean for companies considering changing their ecommerce website or embarking on their first ecommerce store? With a reputation for building stunning digital experiences, Tin Soldier has helped many New Zealand brands digitally transform their online businesses – including the likes of La-Z-Boy, Panasonic, Zempire Camping and CS&Co. As such, we are often asked what advice we can give companies putting together their own digital commerce strategies. Just as every business is unique, with different products, goals and customers, so is every ecommerce implementation.

Design and UX

If you walked into a shop with products strewn across the floor and no room to move around due to badly placed furniture, you’d probably walk back out. A lot of time and money is often spent on getting the look and feel of the bricks and mortar side of the business just right – ensuring the customer experience is such that it not only ends in them buying something, but also sees them return in the future. As your ecommerce platform is your online shop, it is amazing how little time some companies consider spending on their User Experience – or UX strategy. There are so many areas that can directly influence a journey. It is therefore important to consider every aspect of a customer’s journey – or touchpoints across online and offline channels. Other areas to consider include attractive product presentation and data presentation through menus; strong branding and easy payment flow. Our design team understand the customer journey and how best to enhance it through design. Our UX expertise can be difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.